About Us

A&M Fashion

The company was born in 1989, originally as Raisons Textiles and in 2012 it moved to the South part of Karachi’s major industrial zone Korangi under the new name A&M Fashions following the succession of family business. The new Set-up has a covered area of 1500 square yards planned and built up using leading technology. At top speed, in this moment the facility produces half a million garment annually.

Redefining Fashion

A&M Fashions began its operation in June 2012 stepping into the textile arena yet again with objectives. Unfolded as we embarked on this journey originally dating back to 1989, a wealth of experience has been passed down from one generation to another.

Redefining Style

Being in the apparel business for two decades having the in-depth knowledge and know how about denim, garments,novelty fabrics,trendy silhouettes for all age groups. Over the years we gained a reputation for manufacturing high quality products at extremely competitive price. Our products and extensive customer services has enabled us to develop strong relations with clients across the globe.


Garment/Apparel fashion is our birthright. We are creative driven by those unwritten rules of perfection, inherent to our leaders craftsmanship.

Quality Control

Quality Control System is practiced from the initial stage of sourcing raw material so to the stage of inal inished garments. Quality Inspectors and Line Supervisors conducts test as part of their action plan.


Our greatest assets are our people. We ensure all workers enjoy basic rights and privileges. Adopting workplace code of conduct, association with labor union and under collective bargaining labour rights are practiced freely.


For us it means ecological, ethical and transparent way of designing, making and wearing of the clothes. We offer customers BCI fabrics to minimize the impact on the environment.